A1DedicatedServers Announces to accept Bitcoin payments

A1DedicatedServers was established to provide VPS servers and dedicated servers, ensuring DDos protection and secure and fast network. With their new Bitcoin payment methods, it gives customers even more options to pay for quality dedicated servers.

The hosting company has become one of the leading suppliers of dedicated servers for small business owners needing a reliable and trustworthy provider. Many small businesses have been using shared hosting in the past, but now with all the problems that shared hosting can bring, which includes downtime, more business owners are now turning to a dedicated server.

A1DedicatedServers understands the budgets small businesses work to, they also understand how important it is for a business to have a website that is fast and does not drag when people visit the site. They also understand how important it is for a business to make sure their site is available at all time. With their dedicated team, high-quality servers, and their low prices, they have become one of the most recommended dedicated servers suppliers.

Customers can now pay with Bitcoin for services that include SSL certificates, domains, VPS hosting, and a big range of dedicated servers. These include premium dedicated servers, managed dedicated servers, budget dedicated servers, backup/storage dedicated servers, and SSD based dedicated servers. All these services come with different models and specifications that can be chosen by customers based on their preferences and needs.

The company accepts Bitcoin payment in EUR and USD where the customer will receive instant confirmation confirming payment has been accepted. This payment method is convenient and secure, as customers don’t have to provide any card or bank details. For people unsure on how to make a Bitcoin payment, A1DedicatedServers provides a step-by-step guide on how to make the payment.

The Bitcoin payment for all A1DedicatedServers is made in 3 simple steps. They include logging into company’s ClientArea, selecting “Bitcoin (BitPay)”, clicking on “Pay Now” button on Invoice page, and using one of the available options to pay via Bitcoin.

For additional information on how A1DedicatedServers’ customers can now use Bitcoin payments to pay for the services they use, please visit

About A1DedicatedServers
A1DedicatedServers provides affordable dedicated servers for all types of businesses. They now accept Bitcoins as payment for their services.